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you're just this...glorious...fucking...headfuck thing

take it a day at a time

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louder than god's revolver and twice as shiny
The Girl:
Caitlin. 18. Alabama. College freshman. Sarcastic, creative, morbid, kind of a mess but getting better.
The Fandoms:
Criminal Minds. Harry Potter. Glee. Whedonverse. Skins. Vampire Diaries. Raising Hope. The Gone series. Some anime (mostly Hetalia, FMA, DN Angel, and Fruits Basket.) Mortal Instruments.
The Journal:
Not gonna lie, I mostly use this as a diary. All of my fandom stuff is at my tumblr (link below). My fic is at shesthesmoke and my graphics are at alwaysxinfinite.
The Links & Credit:
My layout is from minty_peach. I made the banner I'm currently using (the one of Reid in "Corazon", in case I update the banner but derp out and forget to update this.)
Here's where else you can find me on the internets:
tumblr last.fm fanfic.net

Social capital

  • less than 10