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Hey, guys. I’ve been back at school for a few days now. I’ll update on the main things, because I have an early class tomorrow and need to get to sleep.

+ Because of Snowpocalypse 2011, I didn’t have classes on Monday, and I only had a twenty minute version of my English class today. Only twelve of the twenty-four people in the class showed up. My professor (who is kind of cool) assumed that they couldn’t get to school because of the icy road conditions, but I kind of think they took advantage of that assumption and just stayed home.

+ I have my first Psychology, French, and Honors History 104 classes tomorrow. I’ve got the same teacher and most of the same people in my history class, so I’m kind of glad for that stability.

+ My best friend from back home moved in next door to me in the dorms. She has been driving me insane. She’s one of those people that has to be in constant motion and constantly talking and can’t just sit down and do something quietly. That said, she comes into my room whenever and just sits around waiting for me and my roommate to want to do things. I’m like, IT IS TWENTY DEGREES OUTSIDE, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING WE SHOULD DO? GO AWAY! A;lsdkjf;aslj It’s just really bothering me. And I’m pretty sure she doesn’t like my friends here, which is upsetting. But if it comes down to it…I’m not leaving my friends to stay friends with her. Because I’ve lived in her shadow since the seventh grade. I’ve finally carved out a niche for myself and made real friends who like me for who I am, and I’m not giving that up because she thinks they’re “weird”.

+ People on criminalxminds make me want to shoot puppies sometimes guys. This girl made this huge Prentiss-bashing post and I tore her a new asshole. I swear, if I put that much effort into researching and citing my sources for my actual research papers…I would have been in college years ago.

+ We had a hall meeting tonight and played this stupid game to get to know everyone’s names. Everybody called me “Katie” until Elizabeth the RA finally corrected then. I was like, “Wow, I kind of feel like shit.” Because I’ve been here since August and like, nobody knows my fucking name? I live at the most ten yards down the hall from you people.

+ Last, serious note: It seriously pains me that not ONE person has made even a comment about the shooting in Tucson other than me. On facebook, I mean. People are all either “SNOW HERP DERP” or “FOOTBALL HURR DURR”. I’m like, we just had a fucking terror attack happen, just had an assassination of a judge and an attempted-assassination of a congresswoman, and you people only care about SNOW AND FOOTBALL?
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