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Thoughts on Criminal Minds 6x12 "Corazon"

I maintain that it's my favorite this season, but keep in mind that I think this season has been entirely lackluster. So, though this is my favorite of season six...it's probably not gonna end up on even my Top 20 for the show as a whole. This season has had a habit of having me into the episode for 3/4 of the show and then springing, say, A PEDOPHILE CRACKDEN on me. *glares at "Into the Woods"* No thank you.

Things That I Liked In This Episode:
+ The entire opening scene. The tension was there immediately and I loved the cuts back and forth. MGG is ridiculously good at looking terrified and vulnerable; I don't understand it.

+ Prentiss asking Reid if he's okay! Four for you, Prentiss!

+ The scene with Seaver and Reid in the ~coffee line~. I thought it was sweet that she checked up on him. I want them to be friends. Reid's little wince at "75 and SUNNY!" was a nice touch.

+ The Priest and his rapport with Reid. I was WTF'ing at the possession bit, but Reid was like, "Okay, bored now. :|" which kind of made me laugh. Reid spouting back what he said was cool, though.

+ The scenes with Reid up in the bedroom near the end. When he was scrabbling at his vest and rubbing his eyes - it struck a chord with me. I used to pass out a lot and I would always get this feeling like maybe if I can get my jacket off it won't be so hot and then I won't feel so shitty and then it will be okay and it never WORKED, but I liked that they worked something like that in. That desperation to do anything to make it stop.

+ Reid in general in the last few scenes. I loved that they showed that he's not the kid who's going to just stand there, terrified, with a gun pointed in his face. He's a magician at heart, and he's got a knack for misdirection -and he used it extremely well. I am wondering how much of his freak out was "pretending", as he put it, and how much was him just letting go of that self-control for a bit. "Please dim the lights, I'll do anything, I'll do anything" made me shudder.

+ The moment that I screamed during: Reid BAMFing the guy with a pole. That was incredible. He didn't even blink, you guys. Which is also a little unnerving, much like when Hotch didn't bat an eye when he unloaded a clip into the UNSUB in "What Happens At Home".

+ Hotch showing concern for Reid. I think the fact that he didn't give Reid another "Elephant's Memory" lecture is because he knows that something big is going on with him.

+ The last scene with the doctor. People have been irritated about Reid immediately jumping from "psychosomatic" to "crazy", but honestly, I can see his thought process there. Given his history, given what he went through taking care of his mom, it's logical for him to react like that. I can see where people are coming from, being irritated about it, but I don't see that answer being much different than in the first scene where he very quickly and firmly said "No" when the nurse asked if he was having hallucinations. Anyway...this scene might be one of my favorite Reid ones. It's the first time he's actually felt in-character to me this season.

Things That Bothered Me In This Episode:

+ "You're never late!" Um, really? Did you forget about "Distress", "Elephant's Memory", and "The Internet is Forever", Morgan?

+ What the hell was Garcia doing to the computers? I've heard the term "smudging" thrown around and I have no idea what that means, so it basically looked really weird.

+ Okay, I have to admit that I don't like how seamlessly Seaver is fitting in. I enjoy her as a character; I just don't like that she's fitting in so easily when it took so long for Emily and Rossi to get accepted. I was expecting a little more tension between her and Hotch, but maybe we'll get that later.

+ Morgan: Why aren't you spouting statistics?
   Reid: *mumbles random fact in monotone*
   Morgan: There we go! *drops it*

Really, Morgan? Really? It's in-character for him to drop it, but holy shit man.

+ "Do you think my dad will come visit me!?" Basically, the UNSUB in general in the last scene he was in. The only redeeming factor was him getting fed up with Reid and going WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? I just kind of winced at the screen when he started babbling about being famous.

+ If Reid ends up schizophrenic and still working as a field agent in the FBI, I will legit stop watching this show, despite its amazing cast and my love for them. That would be beyond shark jumping. That would be gaily skipping over the lost city of Atlantis.

Completely and totally shallow note, but holy mother of god Gubler looked good last night.
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